Why GoPro is the ultimate Travel cam

Remember when you religiously carried around two to three kilos of camera equipment on holiday? Yeah, well, those days are over.

Most people today carry nothing more than a cell phone for photos, and while some phones have fantastic cameras, they don’t hold a candle to a dedicated shooter. And if you’re looking for a camera that offers the quality of an SLR with the portability of a cell phone, look no further than a GoPro.

GoPros are famous for their action footage, but they’re some of the best holiday cameras ever. Here are 6 reason why a GoPro is the perfect travel companion.


1. It’s lighter than a pack of biscuits



One of the biggest advantages of the GoPro is just how tiny and light it is. At 135g, it will snug into your handbag or even your pockets. With airlines scrutinising every gram you’re carrying these days, it frees up a ton of weight and space.


2. It works absolutely everywhere

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Not only is the Hero range a beast in a sexy package, it’s tough as nails as well. The go-anywhere attitude GoPro imbibed in the camera’s DNA right from the start has a lot to do with why they’re so popular. Whether you’re skydiving or scuba diving, GoPros will continue working under the harshest of conditions. There was one that fell over 12’000 feet from a plane and survived, so you really have to be trying hard to destroy one.


3. Easier than microwaving popcorn



Worried about terms like aperture, exposure and white balance? The GoPro takes care of it and allows you to focus on only capturing that beautiful moment. You can switch between video, photo, time-lapse, or the famous burst mode in an instant, so no matter where you are, it’s ready to go.


4. The accessories are endless

Accessories travel


The one thing a GoPro has no shortage of is accessories. There are cases, packs, attachments, mounts, and even a drone that you can attach your GoPro to. Whether you want to stick your GoPro to your helmet, handlebars, surfboard, Segway, car, plane, boat, oar, sail, mast, head, chest, wrist, or any other appendage, GoPro has a solution for you.


5. Edit your pictures like a Pro



All set to upload your images to Facebook? GoPro’s Quik app lets you quickly edit and clean up your images before helping you post them to your social media account. The Quik desktop suite can help you stitch together a stunning movie from your footage in a jiffy.

All this convenience and quality comes at a price. The latest GoPro Hero 5 clocks in at Rs 31’900 for the base package, with accessories and mounts adding to that cost. Alternatively, you can rent an entire GoPro set with mounts of your choice from Mutterflystarting at just Rs 450/day.

So go ahead and make that holiday amazing without breaking the bank #KaroMutterfly.

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