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Nothing beats the quality or charisma of photos taken by a DSLR – they’re deeper, more faithful to original colours, and can be tweaked to produce amazing effects. On holiday though, DSLRs can be quite cumbersome to carry around – what with all the accessories you might need to set up the perfect shot.

But don’t worry – Mutterfly has your back. Here are 5 tips to make carrying your DSLR camera on vacation a lot easier.


1. Try mirrorless

Sony A6300

Sony A6300

One of the most amazing advances in camera technology over the last few years has been the introduction and rising popularity of mirrorless cameras. The lack of a prism in the body allows the camera to immensely reduce its thickness. With changeable lenses, a large CMOS sensor and customizable manual modes, you get the same high-quality images in a more compact body.


2. Carry the right lenses

Get the right lens for the job

Get the right lens for the job

There’s always a temptation to carry two or more lenses – depending on what you expect or hope to encounter. But for the most part, a single high-quality lens should do the trick. For a general purpose lens, a Nikkon 18-140 or Canon 18-135 should be more than enough. Specialized cases where you might need a high zoom lens are wildlife safaris, sporting events, or bird watching, but outside of those, even the standard kit lens will do.


3. Ditch the tripod


A monopod is so much smaller

One of the bulkiest items most photographers carry around are tripods. While they’re great for setting up meticulously crafted photos, they’re bulky, heavy and unwieldy. In most situations, a better idea would be to find a perch (like a bench, wall or table) for your camera, or to increase the ISO to get snappier low-light shots. However, if you must carry one, we’d recommend ditching the tripod for a monopod – they’re smaller, faster to set up and easier to carry.


4. Get a great bag

A good bag eliminates clutter

A good bag eliminates clutter

One of the best accessories you can invest in is a good camera bag. Not only can it protect your camera, it serves as a great organizer too. Knowing that your lenses, cables and accessories are in one place reduces clutter and the anxiety that comes with it.


5. Carry spares


Spare memory cards can save you

There’s nothing worse than landing at your destination and discovering that your battery or memory card don’t work. At that point, your camera just becomes a giant rock you’re lugging around in your bags. A spare battery, charger and memory card are tiny accessories all camera users should carry, if only to give you peace of mind on holiday.

Whether you’re a shutterbug or you’re just starting out, Mutterfly has the widest range of cameras, lenses and accessories for rent. You can get the accessories you need or just try out a camera without spending a fortune – a DSLR starts at just Rs 400/day.

So go ahead and frame that perfect shot without breaking the bank. #KaroMutterfly

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