Throw a frat party this weekend!

There’s nothing as carefree, fun and (potentially) dangerous as a college party – everybody comes in and let’s their hair down like never before. All you need is a large empty space, and you’re set to host. If you want to throw a frat party of epic proportions, here’s what you’ll need:


1. The brews

The brews

An icebox will cool the beers fast

There’s no frat party without alcohol – it’s the nucleus around which the party is built. And you can’t have fine wines or artisanal whiskies either: it has to be cheap beer, rum and vodka. No matter how much beer you think you have, it’s never going to be enough, so stock up. If you’re running out of space, a nice icebox will ensure everyone has a cold brew on hand.


2. The music

The JBL Charge 2 is loud and splashproof

The JBL Charge 2 is both loud and splashproof

Whatever your taste in music, make sure you have at least 6 hours worth of new music, and good music to blast it through. If you’re by the pool, get a portable, splashproof speaker – like the JBL Charge 2. If you know someone who can play the guitar, that’s awesome too – keep an acoustic guitar handy and suddenly everyone will be jamming together.


The ambience

The lights

The lights say it’s time to get funky

Fifty percent of a good frat party is the lighting and ambience. To set the mood for a wild night, you gotta make it look right. Get some disco lights, some decorations, a smoke machine, and maybe even a bubble machine to let your frat bros know you’re serious about having fun.


The entertainment

The only game you'll need at a frat party

The only game you’ll need at a frat party

There’s tons of ways to keep the crowd entertained – you have a giant Jenga setup, a foosball table, or even an Xbox station. But the one thing you absolutely must have is beer pong. Beer pong and frat parties go together like freedom and eagles. It’s the easiest, cheapest and most fun way to get sloshed.


The food

It's all about the grill

It’s all about the grill

Although pizza is the preferred grub at frat parties, few meals hit the spot after a night of drinking like a freshly grilled burger or kebab. If you have access to an outdoor space, a barbeque is absolutely essential – it adds a social and engaging aspect to the dining arrangements. And don’t forget something for the vegetarians.


The bets

If you get this hand, bet big

If you get this hand, bet big

When the dust settles and everyone’s either passed out or stumbled home, it’s only your closest pals still up and about. The perfect way to end your bash is to break out a poker set, throw down some cash, make your bets, and go about crushing the competition. It’s an amusing, laid-back and potentially profitable way to end the night.

If you get the basics above right, your frat parties will be the stuff of legend. And if you’re worried about the long list of stuff required, don’t worry – Mutterfly has you covered. Except for the booze and food, you can rent all the items mentioned here only on Mutterfly.

So go ahead, throw that perfect frat party, and become the hottest attraction in town without breaking the bank. #KaroMutterfly

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