The story behind the name – Mutterfly

If Shakespeare ever asked an entrepreneur “What’s in a name?” he would have got his answer. A startup’s name to any founder is like Ketchup is to fries. The name goes on to become a founder’s identity and the two become inseparable as the venture grows. For instance, how many times have you heard Mark Zuckerberg’s name without Facebook being mentioned?

So when it came to naming my first venture, I was super kicked. After all, it marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. As I started out, I just set one rule for myself –  It has to be one word. I have always loved the sound of single word brands like Uber, Zomato, Twitter. Although these aren’t conventional names, they are compact and easy to remember. This plays a big part in brand recallabilty (i.e. how easy is it for customers to remember a brand name).

With this thought, I began mission: Startup name. I spent the next week immersed in google – from Latin to Sanskrit to Song lyrics, my search history had never been this diverse. After scribbling, scratching, conjugating and Nay-ing, I was down to 2 names. To pick a winner, I did a quick A/B test. I printed both the names across 2 A4 sheets and put them up in my bedroom. The more i saw the 2 names, the more I started imagining the possibilities with regards to branding and marketing. After 2 days, I was convinced. And the winner was ….


The name was locked and I started sharing it with friends and family. Some found it cute while others politely said it’s different. But at the end of it, they all asked

What does it mean?

So here it is. Mutterfly is a play on the word Butterfly. Now, a butterfly doesn’t go far in search of resources, so why should we humans? So the next time you need something, don’t Mutter and instead Mutterfly it from people around you.

(Self) *Slow Clap*

A year later as I look back at the name, I love it and continue falling in love with it a little more every day. I never get tired of hearing it or rather speaking about it.  I realised 3 things –

  1. There is no right or wrong name. As long as it feels right to you, it’s a perfect name.
  2. A startup is born out of a founder ; so make sure your name reflects your personality. Trust me, it will help you sell your business more naturally.
  3. Never settle for a name just because the process is taking too long. Setting a name for your startup is as important as setting the business model. So any time and effort you put into it is actually a long term investment.

In retrospect, I can’t stress how important point 2 is. I have often see founders approach facebook groups or agencies to settle for a name. It’s good to receive suggestions but if it’s your baby, would you ask your neighbour to keep it’s name? At the end of the day, only if you love the name can you spread this love to your customers and employees.

So go ahead and set an amazing name for your startup and don’t let anyone tell you “It’s just a name” (not even Shakespeare).


About Akshay Bhatia

Worked on excel sheets for a while only to realise that I was meant to excel elsewhere. Currently, putting my heart into my first venture - Mutterfly. Peas out !

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