Summer Shots: A bucket list for every photographer

While Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness” might top summer playlists for some but summers for me are filled with positivity and joy. Flawless climate combined with limitless outdoor adventure, summer is a photographer’s delight as it lends itself to so many eccentric photo ops! So, soak up every moment of this season and get ready to capture some stunning memories behind the lens. Here are my top photo moments accompanied with my recommended camera for each shot.


The Golden Hour shot

Shortly after the sunrise or before sunset, a natural phenomenon occurs. The light becomes absolutely rich and golden – hence the term “golden hour”. This shot is all about the timing, so keep a check on the watch and the lighting.

Best captured with Canon 80D (starting @ Rs.1250/day). Pair this with a Canon 16-35mm lens and a Tripod to capture the raw colors.



Toes in the Sand

Get rid of those shoes and feel the sand grains between your toes but don’t forget to capture it! You can make the shot even better by adding some colored stones or shells.

Best Captured with a Canon EOS 700D (starting @ Rs.650/day) along with Canon 50mm lens.

Cliff Jumps

To all the adrenaline junkies out there, nothing beats the thrill of cannonballing in a lake or a river from a cliff.

Best Captured on the waterproof GoPro hero 6 (starting @ Rs.1150/day). Use the head or chest mount to go hands-free while jumping


Ice Cream

We all scream for it but little did we know that these summer treats make a mouth-watering shot. So top up a cone with a favorite scoop or grab a colorful popsicle and pair ‘em up with a nice soft focus summer backdrop. 

Capture this masterpiece with a Sony A58 (starting @ Rs.750/day).



This one’s for all the wanderers and camping/trekking enthusiasts whose days don’t end without a bonfire.

The warmth of the burning logs and the aura of a starry night in the background is best captured with the popular Canon 5D Mark III (starting @ Rs.2150/day).


Beach/Hill Fisheye shot

Always wondered how to create those spherical photos? If you want to revamp your flat shots to make them curvier, then this rad fisheye setting will transform the whole view into a ball!

Best captured on high altitudes with a GoPro Hero 5 (Starting @ Rs.850/day). Use the Selfie stick to adjust the angle and width of the background.

So are you ready to capture some hot pictures (pun intended)? In case you are missing a DSLR, we’ve got your back. Rent a variety of DSLR’s, lenses and GoPros with a few clicks and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Happy summers to all you shutterbugs out there. Say Cheese!

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