A wedding entry no one would forget

Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience. Each and every moment needs to be perfect yet memorable.Earlier the modes of entry for the groom used to be buggies, mares/horses or elephants but grooms nowadays are updating their entry style with innovations called Segway and they seem to be the next big thing. I mean, they are uncomplicated, simple and mostly, self-driven and not to mention, full of SWAG!  In India, weddings are a big deal, one has to make an impression on the guests and make them witness something so exclusive they go “wow”.

You might think why Segway? well, the answers simple:

  1. They’re uber cool. They’d surely make your guests’ head turn around. Guaranteed!
  2. Ultra-futuristic. Segway even though, is a blast from the past yet they seem so year 3000.
  3. Easy to operate/learn. Once get the Idea of balancing and shifting weight for movement Segways are a cake walk. (Really kids can ride ’em too!)
  4. Effortless yet creates a huge style statement. Well, this is self- explanatory think about all the cool pictures and poses you can create. More than that create amazing memories of your special day!
  5. Highly customizable.

Decorate these Segways according to your theme. Decorate them with ribbons, flowers or tassels. This could be one of the ways you can enhance your ride. (The only limit is your imagination 😀 )

Lastly, the best part about Segway entries is that it’s not only meant for the groom and his squad. So, all you ‘brides to be’ leave the baarat awestruck and make their jaws drop with your spectacular entry accompanied by your bridesmaids! *whistles*

Doesn’t reading this make you want to buy a Segway right away? Well, why buy? If you can rent it from Mutterfly. So, this wedding season “Swag se karo apna swagat! *wink wink*”

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