Sincerely, a broke girl

Dear Fellow Broke Girl,

There are two times in a month when we experience pain:
One, when we’re too weak to go out, and two, when we’re too broke to go out.

Yes, you die a little inside whenever your friends suggest a shopping trip. Your IOU list is bigger than your playlist. Brand names and beauty products become a thing of the past. You don’t need a Toni and Guy; shampoo is still shampoo, right? YouTube is your nearest Cinema and why Starbucks when you’ve got Wah Taj? There is a Jugaad  for everything.

But just like you, I still have my eyes on that gorgeous iPhone 7; my chrome history is filled with Europe itineraries and as I write this article, I am constantly being prompted by that Amazon bubble asking me to click on that Handbag. (Should I?)

No..No..this where Mom, (fake) relatives and deadlines came to my rescue. While the youth of the world is going YOLO, I am staying in and riding solo.  And as you may know the golden friends rule, if you turn down 2 invites – the third one will never arrive.

But it’s all okay.
Just a few more days – the month will end and so will the guilt. As the Salary /Pocket Money from the sky comes in, we can start checking out. Until then just ask that Zara skirt to stay put and hey Bobbi Brown, we shall reunite soon. I agree, it’s easier said than done and I can imagine how annoying the wait can be.

But you don’t need to wait! You’ll do just fine.

Because every girl has advice and experience to share with another – Shopping advice, relationship advice, dieting advice et al. here I am writing to you, my bit of advice. From one broke girl to another:

You will not go broke anymore. Not now. Not ever.

Yes, you heard me right. Your wallet will not be breathing air – you will. I’m sure you have heard of renting, but let me introduce you to renting with a Twist – Mutterfly. Rent items you need from awesome people nearby. What’s more – earn by renting out your unused items. Now girl, Ka-ching on that Karaoke Set, Board Games and Barbecue Grill each time you share. No more begging for extra pocket money and no more compromising on your wishes. Cheers to less spending and more earning.To buy or not to buy? This question will never take up your time again!

Say it with me,

I will NEVER be broke again!”


Broke days? No more sighs! Say hello to Mutterfly

Download: Mutterfly for Android  |  Mutterfly for iOS

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