Rolling in the rain

Moving into a new apartment is like Mario being sent through a long pipe and having to start all over again. A 19-year-old Asmita Bajaj found herself in such a place now.

4 Floors – 24 flats – 0 Decibel silence.


Wooden doors were etched with nameplates, each having a story behind them. But the hallway was quieter than a library.

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Asmita tells us that, as she removed her footwear, around, a beady-eyed lady made her way into the hallway. She was all set to greet her new neighbour. But before she could say “Hello”, the lady, whilst making her way in said:

Chappal us taraf rakhiye!

The (new) apartment life

Asmita and her family have never lived in apartments before.

We took great pride in our independent houses with beautiful backyards. However, as dad’s office was much closer to this apartment, we relocated.

As days passed by, she started to miss everything about the colony she stayed in for almost a decade; the memories with her friends and the open-hearted neighbourhood.

One rainy day as Asmita sat by the window with a cup of chai, her thoughts were cut by her grandmother’s monologue.

Pata hai? humare time mein Barish puri colony ko saath leke aati thi. Par tum bache toh sirf phone pe hi rehte ho. Kya kaam ka hai yeh Mobile ?

Asmita knew her grandmother was wrong in this case. She’d heard about Mutterfly from her friends. What’s next, she got the app and Requested for a Monopoly.

30 mins later…

Her phone beeped,Wohoo! Rohan is ready to share his set of Monopoly with you!”

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There was no thinking. She went ahead and accepted Rohan’s offer – only to find that Rohan lived on the 4th floor of her apartment! How exciting! 

“I ran up the stairs ( secretly ) wishing that Rohan will turn out to be a cute 20 something year old.” she said with a sweet giggle.

Seconds later, Asmita not only had the Monopoly board but also made her first apartment friend. When she mentioned the Monopoly showdown at her place – Rohan couldn’t help but invite himself. After all, it’s not every day that you have a monopoly competition.

What followed was least expected. All the giggles and shouts invited the next door neighbours, the Iyers followed by the neighbouring PG, Akash Shukla.

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And now, we had one room hosting three families having three times the fun. Everyone was engrossed in the game when Asmita’s grandad, enjoying the view from a corner, asked Asmita, “This is just like old times. But where did you get the Monopoly from?” And she said, grinning toothily while rolling the dice-, “Mutterfly dada. Cell phone, not all that bad yeah?”

Who knew, a rainy weekend could turn into a mini neighbourhood union. Mario had successfully completed Level 1 : Neighbours Meet & Greet. 

Mutterfly was happy playing cupid.

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