Sincerely, a broke girl

Dear Fellow Broke Girl, There are two times in a month when we experience pain: One, when we’re too weak to go out, and two, when we’re too broke to go out. Yes, you die a little inside whenever your friends suggest a shopping trip. Your IOU list is bigger than your playlist. Brand names […]

The six best day treks from Mumbai

Monsoon is almost upon us – and with it comes the relief from the immense heat of this year’s seemingly unending summer. And for Mumbaikars, that means getting out for a weekend can include the great outdoors. What better way to both get fit and enjoy the beautiful greenery of the monsoon than heading to […]

Is your office party as cool as Sterlite Power’s?

Ask any company’s management, which day do they cherish the most and they will unanimously say “Foundation day”. And why not? The day holds a special place in every employee’s heart as they look back and reflect on the highs, lows and more importantly, the journey they’ve had together. Our Mutterflier, Aashna, HR representative from Sterlite […]

8 Items you own that could earn you (lots of) money

If you’ve grown up in an Indian house, you would have surely heard   “Use nahi karte toh rakha kyun hai?”   I am as guilty as you are. We millennials are a country full of impulsive buyers that turn into hoarders. Don’t believe me? Stats show that an average Indian Household has items worth […]

Throw a frat party this weekend!

There’s nothing as carefree, fun and (potentially) dangerous as a college party – everybody comes in and let’s their hair down like never before. All you need is a large empty space, and you’re set to host. If you want to throw a frat party of epic proportions, here’s what you’ll need:   1. The […]

Travelling with a camera made easy

  Nothing beats the quality or charisma of photos taken by a DSLR – they’re deeper, more faithful to original colours, and can be tweaked to produce amazing effects. On holiday though, DSLRs can be quite cumbersome to carry around – what with all the accessories you might need to set up the perfect shot. […]

Why GoPro is the ultimate Travel cam

Remember when you religiously carried around two to three kilos of camera equipment on holiday? Yeah, well, those days are over. Most people today carry nothing more than a cell phone for photos, and while some phones have fantastic cameras, they don’t hold a candle to a dedicated shooter. And if you’re looking for a […]

Bhavya’s 5th Birthday with Disco Lights

As any tiny tot what’s the day they look forward to the most and you are sure to hear – Birthdays! From wearing fancy clothes to distributing chocolates in school to calling your friends over for a party, it’s one day where mom and dad cannot say No. Our youngest Mutterflier made the most of […]

How Gaurav learnt the Guitar over a weekend!

They say an average person stops learning at 20. But our Mutterflier, Gaurav Mann, believes that age is just a Number. An Inspector at Mumbai Customs & Excise division, Gaurav, believes in living life to the fullest. In other words, he’s a true Punjabi. Bored of the typical routine of sleeping and eating every weekend, Gaurav […]

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