8 dialogues which confirm Indian’s are Born to Share

From restaurant bills to wifi password, sharing defines us Indians. Here’s a look at 8 phrases we hear or say daily. Check it out and you will be surprised to know that you share a lot more than you think.


giphy (8)





Because in India there is always room for one more

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This line is the basis of all friendship in school and colleges . Notes hai toh friendship hai.

3) “AAJ KI BREAKING NEWS kya hai?”

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Why  buy a newspaper when you can read your neighbors’

4) “EK Manchow 1 by 2”
                  giphy (9)

This is how Indians get maximum returns on their soup.



giphy (4)


Just when you wanted to finish your favorite dessert but have to share.

6) “Aaj tiffin mein kya hai”

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The world start its day with a good morning and Indians start it with “Aaj tiffin mein kya laya hai? ”

7) “Wifi ka password kya hai ”

giphy (11)

First line your friend say when they enter your house.

8) “Bhai idhar bhi thoda deo maar”

giphy (6)

Most used line in Boy’s hostel.

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Currently a student,Sanjeeta is an intern at Mutterfly and aspires to pop all the bubble wraps in the world.Lip Syncing to songs is her favorite pastime. She sneezes glitter and worships Beyoncè.

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