How Gaurav learnt the Guitar over a weekend!

They say an average person stops learning at 20. But our Mutterflier, Gaurav Mann, believes that age is just a Number. An Inspector at Mumbai Customs & Excise division, Gaurav, believes in living life to the fullest. In other words, he’s a true Punjabi. Bored of the typical routine of sleeping and eating every weekend, Gaurav decided to spend this weekend differently. Here’s what happened.

We all have our secret passions and this is what Gaurav always wanted to do.

Oo Jane Jana

Yes, be a rockstar guitarist! But then life happened and before Gaurav knew, he was posted in Mumbai. Work took over but Gaurav was determined to relive his dream. In this search for a Guitar came across Mutterfly’s ad

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 19.17.39


App Downloaded. Request Made.

Next thing Gaurav knew, he received an offer for an Acoustic Guitar! Now you really can’t play Guitar sitting on the bed or an upright chair. So Gaurav, decided to combine the Guitar with a Bean Bag .

I’ve always wanted to get a Bean Bag! They look really comfy. So before buying one, here is the best way I can try it out.

*Door bell rings*

A teal orange bean bag and guitar delivered at his doorstep. Gaurav did not spare a second and was quick enough to get a feel of the guitar. The guitar came with a guide which was a good starting point for Gaurav to get warmed up.  As we were leaving Gaurav’s flat, he had made himself comfortable on the bean bag getting ready to learn his first chord.

FullSizeRender (13)


48 Hours later

We are back at Gaurav’s flat ready for the pickup. But how could we leave before seeing Gaurav perform. Gaurav was a true sport and did play few chords for us.

Gaurav did not leave his passion just at the guitar. Next weekend, we saw him try his hand at the Keyboard and a week later he bought out his inner Sonu Nigam with a Karaoke Set!

FullSizeRender (15)


Gaurav is definitely an inspiration and seeing Gaurav’s enthusiasm we definitely agree that age is just a number.  We started Mutterfly with the question “Why Buy?” and we are happy to see users like Gaurav singing the same line.

So next time you feel like picking up an instrument, wait before you buy that pricey electric guitar or Drum kit and instead try before you Buy on Mutterfly.


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