Get the latest Spiderman on PS4 without buying it

One of the most awaited games of 2018, our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is finally here on PlayStation 4. After playing it for hours, In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful games available on PS4. The creator, Insomniac Games, have created a visually stunning masterpiece with smooth and crisp graphics.  It’s truly a feast for eyes. Spiderman 2018 also has a critically acclaimed story which closely follows its original comics.

Buy vs Rent

Spiderman is currently selling for INR 4000 ($55) and I admit it’s one of the best games that money has to offer but is it worth the buy? What if you don’t have a PlayStation 4? Would you buy a PlayStation 4 for an additional Rs 30,000. Most of the gamers will finish the story mode within a week. Another week just to goof around in the immersive open world of new york city.  So why buy when you can just rent it? Check out Mutterfly where you can rent this and many other latest titles starting at just Rs 200.


Why is Spiderman a gamer’s delight?

Web swinging

Anyone who has played any previous versions of Spiderman knows how important web swinging is for the overall gaming experience. Insomniac Games have made sure to nail it right from the start. It improves over time with unlockable abilities, and it’s shaping up to be one of the best superhero experiences you can play. 

Massive open world of new york

When I say Spiderman, New York is bound to come in your mind. Insomniac games have created an amazing version of New York and have beautifully added Marvels landmarks into it. You will find places like Avengers Tower or Wakandan embassy within it.There are many fun elements in the game like instead of swinging to another side of the city, you can take a subway. Trust me these little detail really matters for the overall experience.

Combat Experience.

Game villains (of whom there are several) aren’t especially cut and dried. While there’s plenty of baddies to beat down, the compelling key characters keep the story from devolving into a series of meaningless action sequences. As you play, you unlock new tricks and gadgets to help you beat down goons more efficiently, sure you can just mash the buttons on the controller and beat them up. But strategically thinking through the use of gadgets and tricks before the fight and implementing it to beat down enemies is of much importance. (and boy it feels good to knock out enemies in slow motion.)

Photo mode

Photo Modes have become a staple of the PlayStation 4’s exclusive. It lets you capture breathtaking images in midst of action and plaster It on billboards, rolls of films and most amazingly, comic book covers and panels. It is absolutely delightful and brings out your inner artists. Check out the Spiderman Selfie taken via Photo mode.

Why Mutterfly?

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