How is the rental duration calculated at Mutterfly?

Mutterfly rentals work on a 24-hour format i.e. 1 Day is counted as 24 hours from the time the item was delivered to you.

For instance, if you ordered a DSLR camera in the time slot 5 PM – 7 PM on 15th March for 1 day, we will collect this on 16th March between 5 PM – 7 PM.

Can I extend my rental duration after booking?


Sure. You can extend the order via the Website or the app. You may head to the Orders section and click on ‘Extend Order’ button. You will be required to select the new pickup date and pay the rental amount. Voila, your request will be confirmed. The system will give you the option to extend the order only before the completion of the pickup or return slot.

We can help you from our end as well. If you would like us to extend the order on your behalf, please drop us an email with the days you would like to extend the order along with the order details. We will process the extension and you will receive a notification of the same. You can pay the additional days rent amount via a payment link. Kindly note, the extension will only be confirmed upon payment of rental amount.

Why do I need to pay an additional security deposit?


We trust that you will handle the items with utmost care but the deposit acts a safety net for the lender in case something goes wrong. The deposit builds trust and increases the incentive for the lender to share his/her item.


Mutterfly will initiate the refund of the deposit as soon as we receive the products from the customer.

How can I pay the rental amount?

The rent amount can be paid through

  • Debit card/ Credit card

  • Mobile wallets ( Paytm, Amazon Pay, Ola Money)

  • Net banking.

  • UPI

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)

You shall receive an order confirmation screen after you make the confirm the payment mode.

Kindly note, your order is confirmed only after you pay the deposit. The deposit amount can be paid via Cash on Delivery or online through credit, debit card or mobile wallet.

Does Mutterfly have Cash on Delivery?

Yes, there is a Cash on Delivery (COD) option available for selected product categories. To pay via COD, head to the payments page and select Cash on Delivery.

Kindly note, COD is not available in below scenarios.

– Premium Category products.
– Bulk Order ( Involving more than 1 Product).
– Customers residing outside Mutterfly’s delivery limits.
– Rental Amount exceeding Rs 8000

Customers will be liable to the same cancellation policy under COD

How will the security deposit be refunded?


The deposit can be paid in cash at the time of delivery or online through our App or Website at the time of confirming your order.


If the deposit is paid in cash, our delivery person will hand over the cash to you when our team picks up the item on the due date.

If the deposit was paid online, it will be transferred to the same source of payment  within 3 – 5 working days after the item is picked up from your place.

Can I come to Mutterfly office and place an order on the spot?


Sure, you can Walk-in and Pickup a product in Mutterfly Office. However, Mutterfly works on a first come first serve basis and we cannot guarantee the availability of products for walkins. As a result, we will encourage you to book your products in advance to avoid disappointment.

I need multiple products, is there any discount offered?


The prices mentioned on Mutterfly App or Website are the best prices we can offer. Our system will not be able to alter these prices. However, we encourage customers to use any promo codes or coupons we have running. You can find these offers by following Mutterfly’s Social Media Accounts.

What happens in case an item or any accessory gets accidentally damaged/lost during the rental period?


We understand that there might be unforeseen situations where the items or any of the associated components get accidentally damaged during the rental period. In such scenarios, please inform Team Mutterfly via email (info@mutterfly.in) at the earliest so we can take the required preventive action from our end. 


Our delivery team will check the item upon collection and in case of any issues, it is  our standard protocol to hold the security deposit until the item is repaired/ replaced to it’s original condition. If the damage exceeds the security deposit value, customers are liable to pay the additional repair cost.

I wish to cancel my order? What is the process for this?


For cancelling an order, you may drop an email with the request to info@mutterfly.in. Mutterfly team will confirm the cancellation and refund the amount shortly.

However, the refund amount depends on the number of days we are informed prior to the order date. Please refer to the table below :


Cancellation Scenarios
A customer cancels the order 48 hours or more before the delivery / self-pickup date 20% of the rent amount will be deducted + 18% GST. The rest of the amount will be refunded
A customer cancels the order 47 hours or less before delivery / self-pickup date, 50% of the rent amount will be deducted + 18% GST. The rest of the amount will be refunded
A customer cancels the order on the day of the delivery / self-pickup date The entire rental amount will be taken


Also, if in case the product you’ve booked is not in stock, the customer would be informed of the same and a 100% refund would be initiated.

What all details do I need to provide to verify my profile?


As part of Mutterfly’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process, customers will be required to verify and upload the documents/details below after the payment is complete:

  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Profession (Student / Self-Employed/ Employed/ Freelancer)
  • Govt. ID (Aadhar Card / Driving License / Passport)
  • Address Proof (Required in case the Govt. ID address does not match the delivery address – Rental Agreement/ HR Confirmation Letter/ Electricity Bill)


Once this data is uploaded, Team Mutterfly will verify your profile at the backend. If all looks great, we will approve your profile and no further action will be required from your end. Kindly note, in case the customer has not completed the verification process before the delivery date, we will not be able to deliver your items

What happens if I return my products late?


We understand there might be times that you might be running late. We accept late deliveries upto 1 Hour from the Pickup Timeslot. In case you exceed this timeslot, an additional days rent will be charged. However, if the product is delayed further, there will be an additional charge, which will be one day’s rent amount.

Does Mutterfly help with set up/installations?


We do installation upon request for bulk/corporate orders.

You may also request for a volunteer if you need the Mutterfly executive to be present throughout as in the case of an event.

How do I list my products on Mutterfly?


You can list an item via ‘List My Item’ tab on your Mutterfly profile page. 


Once the item is listed, Mutterfly team will approve it after a diligent check. This might take up to 2-3 working days. After the item is approved by us, you’ll be notified via email and SMS. You may check the prices assigned, enable the item and make it live.

How will I receive the payments for my orders?


You will receive a confirmation SMS each time your item is rented out on Mutterfly. You can track all your orders under your Mutterfly profile via our app/website.


The sum total of your earning for a month would be credited to your registered bank account within the first week of the next month

What if my product is damaged/lost?


At Mutterfly, we have high security standards to ensure the item is returned safely back to the lender.


  1. a)  Mutterfly verifies the customer’s address at the time of delivery and also take the customer’s original Government ID proof’s image. The customer signs an agreement stating any loss or damage exceeding the deposit will be payable by the customer.


  1. b) Upon collection, the item is thoroughly inspected by the Mutterfly team to ensure there is no damage.


  1. c) In case of any damage, Mutterfly holds the deposit amount and ensures the item is repaired/ replaced to its original state.


We value the trust you place in us and do our very best to ensure your item is returned back in great condition. If you have any further questions, contact us on info@mutterfly.in or send us your contact details and we will be more than happy to take you through the process.

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