What are the documents required for KYC Verification?

As part of Mutterfly’s Know Your Customer (KYC) process, you will be required to upload the following documents/details below after making the payment: Profession (Student / Freelancer / Self-Employ...

What if I need my products for personal use?

  You may request the product back for your personal use as long as the product is not on order.  However, we would need prior notice of 48Hrs for the same.

What if my product is damaged/lost?

  At Mutterfly, we have high security standards to ensure the item is returned safely back to the lender.   a)  Mutterfly verifies the customer’s address at the time of delivery and a...

How do I list my products on Mutterfly?

  You can list an item via ‘List My Item’ tab on your Mutterfly profile page.    Once the item is listed, Mutterfly team will approve it after a diligent check. This might take up to 2-...

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