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Tripping Solely, but not Lonely: My Trek to Self-Discovery.

In my opinion, traveling solo is better than traveling alone. You might wonder what’s the difference?Remember Christopher from the movie “Into the Wild”, where he decides to renounce all his possessions and hitchhike across...

Is your office party as cool as Sterlite Power’s?

Ask any company’s management, which day do they cherish the most and they will unanimously say “Foundation day”. And why not? The day holds a special place in every employee’s heart as they look back...

Bhavya’s 5th Birthday with Disco Lights

As any tiny tot what’s the day they look forward to the most and you are sure to hear – Birthdays! From wearing fancy clothes to distributing chocolates in school to calling your friends...

How Gaurav learnt the Guitar over a weekend!

They say an average person stops learning at 20. But our Mutterflier, Gaurav Mann, believes that age is just a Number. An Inspector at Mumbai Customs & Excise division, Gaurav, believes in living life to...

The modern age Dil Chahta Hai

15 Years ago, this is what a long weekend looked for Akash, Sid & Sameer Fast forward to 2016, Rishabh, Nivedan and Rohit went on to Mutterfly and said dil chahta hai – Playstation 4!

Vimal - cycling through Mumbai

Pedalling through Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that beckons to be explored and there is nothing like exploring the twists and turns of a city than on a bicycle.  Our story’s hero, Vimal Gudhka, could not agree more....

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Rolling in the rain

Moving into a new apartment is like Mario being sent through a long pipe and having to start all over again. A 19-year-old Asmita Bajaj found herself in such a place now.