Capturing Nordic Vibes on Sony A6000: Journey of Shreevardhan Damani

Wherever you go, go with all your heart
– Confucius

This is exactly what Shreevardhan had in mind while planning his month-long itinerary for the Nordic Countries. A full-stack developer by profession, Shreevardhan, knew that this would be the holiday of his dreams and there was no way he was letting go of even a single memory. In his quest for the best camera, Shreevardhan landed on Mutterfly and decided to go with the Sony A6000. We have to admit that when it comes to travel, Nikon and Canon are far more popular on Mutterfly. But as they say, Sony has a niche fanbase who swear by it. Little did Shreevardhan know that this mirrorless camera would help him capture memories of a lifetime.

And off goes Shreevardhan…

Shreevardhan Damani

Our Story’s hero, Shreevardhan Damani


Shreevardhan’s travel escapades stretched across Prague – Helsinki – Rovaniemi. From the majestic cities to the quaint lanes to the picturesque landscapes, the Sony A6000 captured it all.

Upon Shreevardhan’s return, he was kind enough to share his pictures along with a message that made our day.

You guys have definitely kept up my experience including the quality of device, warm nature of delivery, pick-up and customer support staff. Once again I thank you for the entire experience, not just the camera. Definitely looking forward to utilising your services in the future.
While Europe was always on our wishlist, Shreevardhan’s journey has given us even more #travelgoals. And we must say, seeing the images, our vote for the best travel camera is tilting towards Sony A6000. Competing strongly with this is Nikon D5600 and Canon 200D. Watch our blogs as we review these beauties in our upcoming stories.

Mutterfly’s Top Travel Cameras

Meanwhile, if you have locked down your travel plans, we suggest you lock down your camera too. From entry-level DSLR’s to action-packed GoPro’s and Drones, Mutterfly has a camera for each occasion. So head to Mutterfly website or app and book your camera in 4 easy steps. Say Cheese!


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