Buying vs Renting the PS5

PS5 is the latest video game console and every gamer out there is dying to get their hands on this beauty. Everyone is talking about its amazing graphics, dual sensor, 4K experience, and waiting to experience it. Because of its unavailability in the market not many people were lucky enough to experience the hype. If you are planning to get the PS5 read along and find out the benefits of renting as an alternate option.

Wondered how much it will cost you to buy a PS5? Let me break it down for you, Console Rs 50,000, an additional controller Rs 6,000, and the cost of one CD is Rs 5,000 all this adds up to more than RS 60,000.

Here is where renting can help you pay less and experience more because it will cost you only Rs 999 to rent a PS5 with Mutterfly.

If you are still not convinced here are the top 4 reasons why you need to choose to rent over buying PS5.

Be the first

Out of stock on amazon

Sold out? Out of stock? What does that even mean? Everyone is eager to experience PS5 and it’s out of stock everywhere. This is when renting will help you change the situation. It will help you experience all the games with the latest console before it anybody else has even tried it. You don’t need to worry about waiting renting has got your back.

Try before you buy

Try amazing graphics on PS5

We try at least 10 clothes before we find the perfect fit, the perfect style so why not do the same with your gaming console. Investing 50,0000 without knowing the product sounds dangerous (unless you have invested in Bitcoin in 2008 😉 so rent it, try it, and then if you love it buy it. It’s not going to run away like the bank balance on weekends. It will help you experience and understand what you love the most.

You don’t need to empty your pockets

Don't need to run through your savings for playing PS5

It is hard to buy PS5 and even harder to buy PS5 using all your savings. Rent is a cost-effective and super easy option for all the gamers out there. It also helps you keep up with the latest updates and releases without buying them. 

Experience different games every day

Never get bored playing the same game

Playing the same will get boring after a while renting will help you play all the latest games without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part is you can return it as soon as you get bored or you find an upgrade. It is always better to be updated with the latest games but if you buy a CD it will always be in one corner crying after you buy another.

Since you read so much on why it is convenient to rent let’s make it easier for you on where to rent, Mutterfly is the solution to your dilemma.

Rent the Playstation 5 starting at INR 999 only. Book Now!

Mutterfly provides you with an easy booking method & hassle-free deliveries. Additionally, it also provides great varieties and options to choose from. So what are you wait

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