An App that gives you Rs. 100 each time you blink

Until now you were rewarded for downloading an app, referring your friends, sharing random things on Facebook.  But isn’t that too much effort! So presenting the money making an app of the century –

MutterflyAn app that rewards you for blinking your eyes .

Yes, you read that right! Here’s the three-step process.

Step 1 : Open the App
Step 2 : Look into the app with your eyes wide open.
Step 3:  Blink gently. The app’s hyper sensor movement captures your blink and transfers Rs 100 to your registered bank account on each blink.


Blink 10 times a day and earn Rs 30,000 a month! So what you waiting for?

Download Mutterfly to start earning.


p.s.  To get Rs.  500 for each blink use promo code ” April Fools”.


Hahaha ..we got you! Hope you enjoyed it. Invite your friends and be part of the Mutterfly prank.



Currently a student,Sanjeeta is an intern at Mutterfly and aspires to pop all the bubble wraps in the world.Lip Syncing to songs is her favorite pastime. She sneezes glitter and worships Beyoncè.

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