Tripping Solely, but not Lonely: My Trek to Self-Discovery.

In my opinion, traveling solo is better than traveling alone. You might wonder what’s the difference?Remember Christopher from the movie “Into the Wild”, where he decides to renounce all his possessions and hitchhike across America. During his journey, he encounters several situations which change him as a person. Well, I experienced something similar on my trip to Mulshi, a serene place near Pune. I decided to take this trip solo because #YOLO (you only live once). Indeed, opportunities like these are rare and I seized it without wasting any time.

I always wanted to explore nature in solitude for the thrill of it but ended up being a changed person.
Every camping trip requires carrying essentials like a tent, rucksack, trekking pole and a sleeping bags but being a student I was searching for a pocket-friendly alternative to buying trekking gear worth ₹20,000. That’s when my internship with Mutterfly came to the rescue. When I joined the organisation, I was awestruck by the collection of products and experiences. Luckily, I found every item essential for trekking in the outdoors section on the site and many more. The renting of items was an easy 4 step process paired with delivery and pick-up. That’s not it, I paid just ₹1250 for the entire gear.

The Journey

My journey began with departing from my college in main Pune city and riding all the way to the destination 41 km away. I packed everything I needed in my rucksack and hit the road. It took me one and a half hour to reach the base of the hill. From here, there was a steep ascent. After reaching the top, I started setting up the tent for my stay and went to collect firewood for the bonfire. This was followed by preparing camping staple food ‘Maggi’ for dinner and played my favourite Coldplay playlist to set the mood right. It was a perfect setting for relaxing and unwinding. Just imagine you’re under the stars, cosy from heat from the bonfire, slurping hot Maggi from the cup listening to your favourite songs. If this isn’t bliss then what is? After the whole session went inside the tent and got comfy in my sleeping bag. I have never experienced such serenity, the only thing I could were hear crickets chirping.

The next morning when I unzipped the tent witnessing the breaking dawn, I was spellbound with the scenic view, I hiked down on the opposite side of the hill and the trekking pole helped me to gain a good grip. The other side exposed me to the glistening waters of Mulshi lake. Without even thinking for a single second, I rushed towards the water and jumped in. The dip was totally refreshing.

All’s well that ends well

And that’s how my trip to Mulshi liberated me and changed my outlook towards life drastically, thus, making me a more humble person. It also taught me some impeccable virtues of life: patience, being independent and most importantly respecting nature for being altruistic and selfless. It’s true that the more you travel, the less you know. I hope to continue building on my adventure diaries and would encourage all you wanderlusts to take a solo trekking trip of your own.

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