8 Items you own that could earn you (lots of) money

If you’ve grown up in an Indian house, you would have surely heard


“Use nahi karte toh rakha kyun hai?”


I am as guilty as you are. We millennials are a country full of impulsive buyers that turn into hoarders. Don’t believe me? Stats show that an average Indian Household has items worth Rs.20,000 lying unused. Wow, and I’m still updating my shopping list!

Surely, there is a better way to monetize these unused items. Here are 8 of the numerous unused things in your house that you didn’t know could earn you additional income:

1.The Karaoke Set singing Solo in a corner


Karaoke Sets can turn a party around. Let your Karaoke Set get the attention it deserves. Don’t bid it adieu, just rent it out.

2.The Cameras you don’t click with

giphy (2)

Cameras create awesome memories. If you aren’t using yours, help someone else create them by Renting it out.

3. The Speakers that don’t speak to you

giphy (3)

Everyone likes a good party and a party without speakers is like an Amusement Park without a Roller Coaster! But who has the time to Party everyday? I’ll tell you, Teens do. So don’t let your speakers stay silent, let them speak.

4.The Musical Instruments with whom you have No Strings Attached

giphy (4)

Wanted to be the next Eric Clapton but decided to play football instead ? Don’t give up on the guitar you bought.

5.The Games which have no lives left

giphy (5)

PlayStation, Gaming Controllers and XBOX are a few of your favorite things but office hours don’t leave much time for a game every day. Help out a fellow gamer instead!

6.The Printer that has lost its colour

giphy (6)

Let’s face it. Today’s digital world requires you to take Print outs very occasionally. Letting the Printer just sit there when not in use would be a dumb move.

7.The Board Games getting Bored in your Closet

giphy (7)

Most of us have an extensive collection of diverse board games at home. Be it Uno or be it Jenga, we all own games we don’t want to part with and yet we play them only once in a blue moon. Make the child in everyone happy, rent out your board games.

8.The Spare Laptop

giphy (8)

You bought yourself a new Laptop and your previous one is just lying around? Rent it out. Trust me, there are plenty takers!

And the list goes on and on. In case you are feeling guilty, let us help you out. Like we said, these unused items could earn you additional income. No no no, we’re not asking you to resell them. We know how dear your possessions are to you. So why would you settle for a minimal resale value when you can just rent them out and get the ROI you deserve?

How? List it on Mutterfly and earn each time you rent it out. Here’s the best part: Your item, Your price!

We’re convinced that renting is the Smartest. Idea. Ever.

Yeah yeah, you can thank us later. Plus, With Ed Sheeran coming to India, we all need that bit of extra Cash to make it to THE CONCERT!


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