8 cool items we all had in the 90’s

Remember the time when owning a walkman was everything you ever wanted. Then technology happened and today it’s lying extinct in some corner of your house. #RIPWalkman .

Here is the list of 8 household items we all owned in the 90’s. 

 1.Brick Game

This video game was a beautiful lie it said 999 in 1 but you bought it specifically to play the brick game. We don’t blame you. It was better than most of the games today and less aggressive too.




2.Type writers

We now have the luxury to delete, copy and paste on our computers but typewriters take us to a different era. The sound and the feel of the keys underneath your fingers had its own swag.  


Person typing on manual typewriter, close-up (blurred motion)


3.Audio Cassettes

Manually rolling the reel with your pen was another way to rewind the songs.



5.Kodak Camera  

All you needed was a 35mm film cartridges, some batteries and you had the ‘photographer’ tag on.


The time when you hated your pant’s pocket because it was too small for your walkman.


7.Alarm clocks

 Before the hulk smash there was the alarm clock smash. We have abused the snooze button so much that it’s better to not talk about it.




7.Slam Books

These books were more confidential than CBI case files.



8.Floppy disks

 Your dad couldn’t survive without them. The only place you see them today is the ‘Save’ icon. 

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Did we miss any cool item you once used? Let us know below in the comment section.  In case you are planning to throw any of these away, hold back because now you can get rewarded for sharing these items.  How? It’s simple, just share these items on Mutterfly 

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