December is here, and that means only 1 thing – you are always going to be out of the house. From office parties to neighbour ke chacha ke Bete ki shaadi, there are countless reasons for ghar nahi aana. Staying out means you are going to be spending a lot of time with your Mom’s number 1 rival ( No it’s not your girlfriend) but the one and only – Bahar ka Khana.

1) Office Parties

Your colleagues just need a chance to turn your desk into a party zone, and all the festivals coming up are like a cherry on top of a cake for them. Which in turn means you will be consumed until late night showing off your new break dance moves, in order to impress your boss!


man dancing

2) Shaadi season

December when the Shaadi Invites exceed the emails in your inbox.  You crib why so many people are getting married but there you are standing in the queue spying at the food menu. – Bhaiya Ek Aur gulab jamun dena?




3) House Parties 

Don’t we just envy the house parties shown in sitcoms like friends, well we make it our motto to replicate them! After weeks of planning and buying those Red and Blue cups like on the show, we party and party like it is the end of the world! (Only  to wake up  for work the next day with a bad and yes really bad hangover).



4) Shaadi Planning

Weddings are never a one-day affair, especially not when the person getting married is even remotely related to you. Your days are spent picking the perfect outfit and nights include sangeet picking the perfect outfit and nights include sangeet practices which in turn become mini parties for you and your gang.




5) (overhyped) New Year’s Party 

The year is coming to an end, which means you are ready to put behind all that happened to you in the previous year and move ahead. New years comes with a long weekend and you might be off on a holiday.We don’t blame you for this, it is a great way to catch up with old friends but it does keep your ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ at bay.




6) Building Functions

Is it even Christmas without your building Christmas parties? Organized by those pesky kids you avoid in the lift. It is these building functions that your mom forces you to attend. Because, what if Sharma ji thinks you are arrogant? Not done Mom. Not done.



Last but not the least,

7)Neighbour’s House


Yes, you might not have spoken to your neighbour all year long. But you’ve been eyeing their Khana as you walk back home every day.  So let’s end the year on a sweet note – Use Mutterfly app to discover what your neighbours are cooking or even better –  share your Christmas special on Mutterfly and show your neighbourhood whose the yummiest neighbour around.

A few days are left to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016. So let’s make it worth with lots of Love and Peas!

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Worked on excel sheets for a while only to realise that I was meant to excel elsewhere. Currently, putting my heart into my first venture - Mutterfly. Peas out !

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