5 Products that will rock your next house party!

Alcohol ✅ Music ✅ Friends ✅

Now let us make this party a night to remember?

From F.R.I.E.N.D.S to American Pie we all have grown up seeing crazy house party videos. Now, Mutterfly is here to help you live these in reality. In case you are thinking here comes another hole in my pocket, you’re in for a surprise. Check out our Top 5 Party recommendations that are sure to transform your next party into talk of the town.

Dj, Take it Away! 

1.Foosball Table 

Bring out the spirit of competition with this miniature box of fun. Who doesn’t have memories of Chandler and Joey playing foosball in that apartment all of us love? Let’s bring that nostalgia to your house party! 
Hit the golden goal at just Rs. 2400

2.Disco Light

It’s the time to -? Time to do what? Time to Disco, that’s what! Bring the glorious spark of the 70s Disco era into your party, and witness it liven up. A multicolour spectacle will transform your home into a roaring disco club! 

Indulge yourself in the disco vibe for just Rs.400

3.Party Speakers 

The volume is never high enough, is it? Good music is a must for any house party, and we wouldn’t want the speakers to disappoint. Let’s break the night open with these Party Speakers, guaranteed to make your heart thump with the beat!  

Lose yourself in the music with our amazing speakers for Rs.1200

4.Gaming Consoles 

Huge monsters, apocalyptic futures, and web-swinging superheroes- video games bring the thrill and magic into any party. A PS4 or an XBOX, Mutterfly has whatever you prefer. Brilliant video games such as FIFA 19, Spiderman and God of War will spice up the party like nothing else. The Kinect that comes with the XBOX is also a huge fan-favourite for parties.

Book a playdate with a PS4 for just Rs.650

5. Giant Jenga 

Jenga is fun, right? Yep, it is. Now imagine it HUGE! Giant Jenga is suspenseful, thrilling and gut-busting fun for your entire party. Oh, and when it finally topples, whew, that’s some satisfying stuff right there. 

Get stacking and tumbling for just Rs.1500


Once you’re done planning your dream house party, we’ll bring these amazing party additions right to your door, worry not! American Pie will seem tame by comparison when this house party’s done. Get ready to dance the night away!

Completely verified products and services, plus prompt delivery and pickups- we’re the best friend who’ll help plan the party! ?✌?

Tell us all about your house party escapades in the comments down below – we’d love to hear from you!


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