5 Ideas to help you become the ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’

Dear Boyfriends of the world,

I know you are struggling with creative ideas to make your next date special. After all, they say finding the perfect gift is the second toughest thing to reading a girl’s mind. Let me help you!

Read on to find out how you can setup the perfect evening and be the BOOTY (before you think ahead…it stands for BOyfriend Of The Year)  😉

This won’t be your girlfriend anymore 😛


1. Camping 

If she’s into adventure or nature, this should top your list! If you’re unable to escape the city, rooftops and terraces are great camping sites too. Accompany this with some music, wine and flowers and you have achieved the numero uno position.

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2. Karaoke Night

If music is her bae, there’s nothing she’ll love more than a one-on-one Karaoke sesh with you! Decorate her room with fairy lights and set up the karaoke there. Sing to your favourite tunes from Abba to Adele and make it a night to remember. 

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3. A Movie under the Sky

What’s 100 times more romantic than a movie ? A movie under the sky. If she loves the cheese, this is THE GIFT you’re looking for. And if you think watching a movie under the stars sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry; all you need is a quiet space and a projector. See you at the movies.

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4. A Polaroid Picnic

Pictures speak a thousand words and nothing does the talking like a Polaroid. If your girlfriend fancies photo frames and scrapbooks, this one’s for you. So, plan a day out with just the two of you, and make sure you capture that special day on a Polaroid – Say cheese!

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5. Giant board games = Giant fun

If your bae is into board games,  imagine how much she’ll love the giant version! And hey, play fair. If you say you ‘Let her win’, you might as well select another option from this list! xD If you really want to get in the mood, add a game like  Giant Jenga, Monopoly or Twister. Let’s play love games.

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You’ve read through the list – now let’s plan that perfect evening and get ready to hear …

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