5 essential items to throw a house party!

Everyone loves to attend house parties. These parties are fun and a great way to make new friends. Sure, attending a house party is no brainier, just a few hours of getting dressed and you are good to go. But throwing an epic house party and having people talk about it weeks after is a tedious job.Even though you are in total control of the party you can still have the pressure of entertaining the guests and keeping the party alive. Of Course, we all are not party planners but most of us have attended house parties and were a little disappointed because they seemed like a cocktail party  where people meet, smile all the time and leave. If you don’t want your house party to look like a cocktail party, these 7 items are must to throw a house party.


1. Beer pong table:

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS FEB. 16-17 - In this Feb. 2, 2013 photo, college students play "water pong," like beer pong without the beer, during an alcohol-free Party.0 event at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house on Algoma Boulevard in Oshkosh, Wis. (AP Photo/The Oshkosh Northwestern, Adam Jungwirth) NO SALES ORG XMIT: WIOSH105

Beer pong table will never fail you. People might get bored of playing cards but this game will be their favorite. So grab a couple of beer bottles,some cups,ping pong balls and let the party begin.


2. Good, Nah GREAT Speakers:


No house party is complete without music. Invest in some good speakers. Call one of your DJ friend to play at your party. Make sure to play songs that are familiar to the people.


3. Disco Lights:


Your friends have come to your house for a party put up a good show for them. Disco lights will create a club like ambience.


4. Board Games:


Darts, Poker set, Giant Jenga, Monopoly, Foosball Table and fits of laughter. You get the picture?


5. Xbox / Playstation :


So far so good? Now that you have made a checklist of the items above, add this to your list too. Break the cliche partying ideas by introducing xbox game challenges.

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