10 Reasons to Share

“The miracle is this the more we share the more we have”.

                                                                                                 -Leonard Nimoy.

Having said that most of us still hesitate to share rather many of us don’t like to share for various reasons. Some might say because they have been a single child and always got to eat the whole chocolate and some just don’t like to share.

At Mutterfly, we believe in the power of Sharing. Want one reason? We give you 10.

1: Sharing is like a boomerang.


Share a pie and get whole of it the next time.What goes around comes all the way back again at you.

2: Sharing is equal to Love.

giphy (5)

In India you don’t say I love you. Instead you share the last bite of your favorite dessert.


3: Sharing gives satisfaction.

giphy (6)

Weird, right? Try this. Bake cookies and share it with your neighbours. 100% satisfaction. Smiles guaranteed.


4: Sharing is our nature.

giphy (7)

The culture of sharing has existed from tribal times. This has now come back in the form of Internet sharing.

5: Sharing has no boundaries.

giphy (3)

 Sharing knows no boundaries. From the 4th seat in a local to your deepest darkest secrets, you my friend can share anything and everything.


6: Because Sharing is chic.

so chic

All the fashionistas out there the next time you decide not to share a fashion tip remember this.


7: Sharing is caring

.giphy (2)

And caring is loving,loving is amazing.


8: Sharing makes friends.


Always wondered how to be friends with that pretty girl in your office? The next time you meet her offer to share your dabba. *instant best friends*


9: Ours is better than Mine and Yours.

giphy (8)

10: Share to earn.

giphy (4)

We were taught to share because it’s a sign of caring. Mutterfly ask you to share because it’s a way of earning. How? It’s easy peasy just #karomutterfly. Share your unused items and get rewarded for it with vouchers from Flipkart,Book My Show and many more.



The next time you don’t feel like sharing you better come up with a good excuse! Did we miss any reason? Let us know in the comments. And remember now ‘Sharing is earning’.

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