The Benefits of Renting Laptops for Startups

Numerous people worked from home during the lockdown due to the pandemic, and the education industry moved from a traditional approach to an online model. Now we have online work going on in every industry. In addition, a growing number of users demand cross-functional devices that include multiple functions and capabilities in one device. This […]

4 of the Coolest Laptops You Can Rent from Mutterfly

Renting a laptop or computer for any purpose is often a cost-effective alternative to purchasing one. In this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people work from home. If you have a team of employees working for your startup, providing them with laptops removes the need to pay for office expenses and allows […]

Buying vs Renting the PS5

PS5 is the latest video game console and every gamer out there is dying to get their hands on this beauty. Everyone is talking about its amazing graphics, dual sensor, 4K experience, and waiting to experience it. Because of its unavailability in the market not many people were lucky enough to experience the hype. If […]

5 Cameras for Awesome Home Photography

As we head towards the ‘new normal’, home is becoming the new workplace. With students adapting to online learning and employees switching to work from home, how can photographers be left behind? The lockdown has inspired photographers to become more creative than ever and many of them have started converting their homes into photography studios. […]

PS4 vs Xbox – A gamer’s dilemma

Two different brands, Two distinct consoles, Too much contention! Whether you are a gamer or not, you know that PS4 & Xbox One players do not go hand-in-hand. Seven years ago, Sony’s PlayStation 4 & Microsoft’s Xbox One launched just days apart from each other. The rivalry is ancient but it continues to go on […]

5 Reasons why you should GoPro this Holi!

GoPro cameras have become one of the most talked-about gadgets for everyone, whether they are professionals or not. So why settle for less when you can have the world’s best versatile camera AKA the GoPro Hero 8 Black to get the pleasing picturesque shots on-the-go? Pace yourselves amidst water guns, balloons, and gulaal coloured packets because […]

5 Products that will rock your next house party!

Alcohol ✅ Music ✅ Friends ✅ Now let us make this party a night to remember? From F.R.I.E.N.D.S to American Pie we all have grown up seeing crazy house party videos. Now, Mutterfly is here to help you live these in reality. In case you are thinking here comes another hole in my pocket, you’re in […]


Human Resource is the backbone of any organization and a very challenging one. There are so many opportunities in HR that people aren’t aware of and while pursuing my PGDM in HR I felt that an internship was the best way for me to learn. It was while I was stumbling through Internshala that I […]

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